Friday, February 09, 2007

BVI IFC to Select Destinations for Road Shows and other Marketing Initiatives in 2007

Last year I mentioned the road shows to different parts of the world as one of the ways how the Territory would be popularized by the BVI International Finance Centre and BVI Financial Services Commission. We also discussed the details of BVI government road show to China that happened on February 20, 2006. This year, BVI IFC is choosing road show destinations as part of its ongoing programme to market financial services industry of the Territory.

Mr. Humphry Leue, Chief Operating Officer of the BVI IFC, noted that the Centre’s road show programme has been the trademark of marketing activities and it will continue this year. He informed the Department of Information and Public Relations on the Centre's plans to visit London, Dubai and Qatar, as well as on the possibility to return to Hong Kong and Singapore. He said, “Asia remains one of our largest and most important markets as people in the business would know”.

From my side I should add that inclusion of Dubai and Qatar in the roadshow confirms that the British Virgin Islands government is thouroughly planning to strengthen BVI positions in the rapidly developing financial services market of Arabic countries. The blog also contained information on an international offshore law firm Conyers Dill & Pearman which last summer started its operations from the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), and on the BVI-based international investment firm 3iC Group launch of Dubai Growth Fund (Enmaa') Class A shares.

Mr. Leue added that IFC intends to make more focussed marketing efforts, namely to schedule smaller events to target specific groups of professionals in the financial services industry. He explained that the road show formula incorporates different products and attracts a large and diverse audience of professionals while the smaller events, planned in 2007, will target specific profesisonals in the financial services industry.

Other marketing initiatives of the Centre this year will include regular press briefings with local media, workshops and seminars with different BVI organisations, publications in the international press.

The BVI International Finance Centre was established in 2002, for supporting the financial services industry of the Territory, and currently it plays the key role in promoting and marketing the BVI as a leading financial centre. IFC is focusing merely on marketing and promotion, while regulatory functions of the local financial services industry are in the sole responsibility of the BVI Financial Services Commission.

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