Monday, February 20, 2006

BVI government delegation road show to China.


Road show in Asia that happened in the end of 2005 was the first time for the British Virgin Islands to hold a workshop for the mainland of China. When speaking during a workshop in Beijing, Ronnie Skelton, Finance Minister, discussed the strong relationship of the BVI government with the private sector to about two hundred delegates. What he commented, was substantiated by a powered delegation from the BVI, top flight accountants and attorneys includingly.

The members of this delegation were the Minister; the Hon. Dr Kedrick Pickering; the Hon. Mr Mark Vanterpool; Mr Robert Mathavious, MD and CEO of the Financial Services Commission; Mrs Lorna Smith, Executive Director of the International Finance Centre (“IFC”); Mr Humphry Leue, COO of the IFC; and Mrs Deborah Deveaux, an officer of the IFC.

This reveals the way the BVI seriously follows its strategy at the most significant fastest growing consumer market in the world.

The delegation had a meeting with Vice Ministers and other top officials representing several key Government departments. Some of these departments were the State Administration of Taxation, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange and the Ministry of Finance.

However, the BVI held not only the meetings in Beijing. There were als two financial services road shows to the private sectors in Shanghai (November, 9 ) and Hong Kong (November, 11).

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