Monday, February 13, 2006

British Virgin Islands Offshore incorporation blog. How it started.

Establishing offshore presence for one's business can be a very overwhelming prospect to say the least.

  • Choosing the jurisdiction for your IBC incorporation;
  • choosing the right registered agent;
  • choosing a reliable offshore bank

These are just a few of many aspects people need to consider concerning their quest for a stable offshore solution. And hundreds of people looking for the right offshore jurisdiction consider them every day.

It is worth noting that even a more important step after presence establishment is a regular insight into new tendencies of the offshore world, especially those of the jurisdiction to which you trusted your well-being and privacy.

There are many issues of the offshore world that are the subjects to change quite quickly leading to serious consequences. How many jurisdictions you remember have just recently promised stability and privacy and it seemed that offshore asset protection devices built on the base of the given jurisdiction were going to contribute to prosperity? However, after several unsuccessful hits at the epicentre of large scandals, these offshore tax havens had to modify the laws so that the increase of different requirements could be at least stabile but they could no longer offer privacy and long-term stability.

The British Virgin Islands is one of my favorite jurisdictions. It is the one that has really been proving its reliability for a very long term, it is one of the main players in the offshore world and therefore it’s worth both writing and to reading about this tax haven.

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