Monday, January 08, 2007

Team BVI Members, Part II

Back to Team BVI. In previous blogpost devoted to the Team BVI I wrote about Mrs. Lorna Smith and her special role in telling the world about the British Virgin Islands, its great people, culture, art and financial services of course.

Today I would like to tell about two persons representing Financial Regulator – the BVI Financial Services Comission in the Team BVI.

Mrs. Jennifer Potter is Deputy Managing Director of the BVI FSC and her focus area is Financial Regulation. She was appointed Deputy Managing Director of Regulation and Corporate Services on April 1st, 2005. During these years many news and press releases have been published with her signature in English, German and other languages, where BVI FSC informed the community on important issues. However this is not the only part of her duties. Before her appointment as Deputy Managing Director for many years she was already working with Financial Services Commission where she received experience and got ever more responsibility in her positions. Mrs. Jennifer Potter has received Masters of Business Administration (Finance) in 2001 and Bachelors of Science (Information Systems) in 1993.

Miss Ruth Chadwick is the Director of Investment Business at the BVI FSC and her focus area also is Financial Regulation. She was appointed as the Director of Investment Business of the BVI FSC, with effect from 1 June, 2002. Ms. Chadwick is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting, with an impressive career in both the public and private sectors in the UK. She brings to the FSC an extensive industry background in compliance.

She has also experience at the Investment Management Regulatory Organisation (IMRO).

Miss Ruth Chadwick has brought her experience in regulatory and in asset management spheres to her post of the Director of the Investment Business division of the BVI FSC. She charts the road ahead for the BVI, to remain competitive as hedge funds move onshore, and for the regulator to protect investors as much as listening to managers.

She is welcomed speaker at many international conferences devoted to offshore and onshore financial services, especially investment business and regulatory issues. About a month ago we already met with her in the BVI Business News in the post devoted to seminar for London-based executives in the mutual and hedge fund industries.

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