Monday, December 04, 2006

BVI Deputy Governor’s Office website launched

Today the BVI Deputy Governor’s Office has launched a website providing information about itself, one of the oldest units in the history of Government in the British Virgin Islands, established in 1800s.

The newly launched website, contains information about office’s role, structure and management, history, news, resources for the public, a directory of publications and speeches as well as online helpdesk.

The Office of the Deputy Governor supports and facilitates the BVI Governor in the execution of his constitutional functions. The main services provided by BVI Deputy Governor’s Office are managing the Public Service by promoting top management co-operation and development within the government services; furnishing the Governor with the requisite information and advice as requested; managing the administration of the Sister Islands; ensuring that International Obligations are met in compliance with treaties, conventions and Organizations; authenticating public documents (executing Apostilles under the Hague Convention); maintaining relationships with International Organizations; coordinating the affairs of those who provide external and internal security to the Territory; and facilitating the administration of the Courts.

Other services provided by BVI Deputy Governor’s Office include providing efficient passport, visa, nationality, and citizenship services to the public in concerted effort with the Passport Services; supporting the conduct of voter registration and elections when due; as well as supporting the Governor as he exercises his powers and duties dictated by Constitution and legislation.

Mrs. Dancia Penn, OBE, Q.C., was appointed as Deputy Governor of the Virgin Islands in September 2004. In her comments she said, “The Deputy Governor’s Office is the oldest department of Government, and so it is especially exciting to see that we are modernising the way we share information with the public,” Deputy Governor Dancia Penn, Q.C., said. “I hope that everyone in our community will take the opportunity to become better informed by visiting this website now, and in the future.”

Otto O’Neal was appointed Permanent Secretary in the Deputy Governor’s Office in July 2005. He commented that website is in keeping with the Office’s commitment to improving its communication with the public. “We recognise that the public needs to know more about the services that we provide, the policies that we implement, and the way in which we work,” Mr. O’Neal said. “This website is a key component in our strategy to enhance our communication.”

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