Wednesday, January 03, 2007

BVI Official Gazette Launched

As it had been announced before by the representatives of Deputy Governor's Office, BVI Official Gazette was launched on January 1, 2007. This is the beginning of a new modern chapter of the Official Gazette of the British Virgin Islands. It is worth mentioning that BVI Deputy Governor's Office launched it’s website a month ago.

BVI Official Gazette is published weekly by the Deputy Governor’s Office. As to its contents, it includes government, legal, liquidation and other notices as well as Bills, Acts, Statutory Instruments and other important official documents.

Electronic subscription can be both paid (Enhanced version) and free (Basic version). Paid subscription costs USD 500 per year and it gives the possibility to use complete access to all Official Gazettes, including Liquidation and Other notices, to search all the archives as well as to receive an e-mail alert whenever an Ordinary or Extraordinary Gazette is published on-line.

The history of BVI Official Gazette goes back to the late 1800s, when the BVI's 1st Official Gazette – the Leeward Islands Official Gazette – was printed in Antigua. The 1st issue of the Virgin Islands Official Gazette was published in 1967. Since then, its growth and development are obvious. The below-mentioned data signifies that these were both quantitative and qualitative:

Year Pages Notices
1967 ^ 85 ^ 169
1976 ^ 195 ^ 477
1986 ^ 296 ^ 338
1996 ^ 857 ^ 4,368
2006 ^ 1,911 ^ 11,613

It goes without saying that qualitative development is signified by the establishment of the Online version for the BVI Official Gazette at

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