Sunday, June 25, 2006

BVI is one of top investors in Saudi Arabia

This year the British Virgin Islands is among the top 10 investors in Saudi Arabia, which is quite remarkable as the amount Saudi Arabia's FDI is very impressive.

As to the headliner, it is the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that overtook Japan by signing a 30-billion deal with Emaar for the King Abdullah City in Jeddah. The investments by the UAE are about 41% of the total FDI to Saudi Arabia.

In accordance with statistics released by the Sagia (Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority), the other top investors are British Virgin Islands, Bahrain, France, Germany, Lebanon, Cayman Island, Canada and Bermuda.

As to the distribution of FDI, a big amount was invested into the services sector, and the rest went to agriculture and other sectors.

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