Thursday, March 02, 2006

Holidays coming to the BVI

The Holiday season is coming to the British Virgin Islands (almost all holidays here are from March to August). If you have business connections with the BVI, use offshore bank account in the BVI, take into account the following:

H. Lavity Stoutt's Birthday - Monday, 6th March
Commonwealth Day -
Monday, 13th March
Good Friday - Friday, 14th April
Easter Monday -
Monday, 17th April
White Monday - Monday, 5th June
Sovereign's Day - Saturday, 10th June (to be confirmed)
Territory Day - Monday, 3rd July (in lieu of 1st July)
Festival Monday - Monday, 7th August
Festival Tuesday -
Tuesday, 8th August
Festival Wednesday -
Wednesday, 9th August
St. Ursula's Day - Monday, 23rd October (in lieu of 21st October)
Christmas Day - Monday, 25th December
Boxing Day - Tuesday, 26th December

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