Monday, February 27, 2006

British Virgin Islands IBCs should become “faster” after telecom reform

When it comes to BVI company formation the offshore instrument works smoothly keeping affordable rates, but when it comes to telecommunication systems the situation is different as BVI population considers that the territory deserves to have better service at a lower cost. As company Cable & Wireless customers face a shockingly large bill, the public opposition to service rates is high. BVI Chief Minister Dr. Orlando Smith stated that government aims at bringing telecommunications reform to the BVI. Meanwhile, the situation is hopefully a subject to change. Let's hope that the changes will go dramatically up - like, for example, BVI incorporations that hit 64,000 IBCs in one just year in 2000.

As to the objectivity of public views, well... this is not all about bills – the quality could be better. For instance, the Internet in the BVI is quite slow, however, it's very important for an offshore country dealing with company registration and banking services.

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