Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What does the BVI respire?

Well, maybe, it's too much on various offshore incorporation and tax haven issues. The BVI is not only International Business Companies, Trusts and offshore banking, indeed. Let's have a look at some other sightseeings of the BVI. Tourism and the marine industry could be named as other strongholds of the BVI economy.

A small question instead of wondering into “what does the BVI respire??”

Yes, just the same problems :) There are people considering (of course, it's their right) that they have nothing to respire and that British Virgin Islands moves closer to enacting non-smoking regulations. Legislation that would regulate the promotion, distribution and use of tobacco products in the BVI is currently in the process of drafting. Here the BVI joins as many as 57 countries that embrace the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

All in all, smoking among British Virgin Islanders appears to be very low, but people take into consideration the possibility that the introduction of other cultures and lifestyles to their society can lead to taking up this life-threatening habit by more people. BVI Health and Social Development Minister expresses that the country needs to protect the non-smoking population from second-hand smoke, having detrimental scientific evidence.

The main method of fighting smoking addiction could be raising tobacco taxes, eliminating tobacco promotion as well as the mandatory implementation of smoke-free environments at workplaces and in public.

To cut the long story short, restaurants and bars could become smoke-free when you visit the BVI the next time being offshore investor, businessman or tourist. Be aware :)

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