Saturday, February 25, 2006

Get married in the BVI paradise

If you are dreaming of a wedding in paradise (don’t mix with tax paradise:), the British Virgin Islands have several independent wedding co-ordinators as well as several hotels & resorts offering wedding consultant services.

If you like to do on your own, you can make a choice of your wedding in the British Virgin Islands yourself.

Then prepare / be ready for the following:

  • apply for your marriage license (at the Attorney General's office),
  • two witnesses to oversee the signing of your marriage license application and two (different) witnesses to be present during the ceremony,
  • be in the British Virgin Islands for a minimum of 3 days before the wedding service and after having applied for your marriage license,
  • require passports as proof of identity and establish your date of arrival in the BVI,
  • if previously married: certified (Notarisation, Apostille) copy or original documentation of your divorce or death certificate of a deceased spouse is required,
  • various fees as far as nothing is free on this world, even weddings,
  • for a church wedding, please contact the church of your choice and speak with the Minister or Priest about the requirements.

Did you know: If you are a United States citizen and travelling to the BVI, the United States Government now requires a valid passport to regain entry into the US.

Have a romantic offshore wedding in the British Virgin Islands!

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