Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Constitutional reform talks begin in the BVI

It's not a secret to anybody that the British Virgin Islands waited to engage Great Britain in negotiations about reforming the Constitution. This week, starting on March 2, constitutional reform talks will take place in the BVI. As to the main items on the list, they are adding a sixth ministerial position, adopting a cabinet system of Government, reducing of the Governor’s powers, adding a human rights chapter in the Constitution as well as establishing the constitutional post of Director of Public Prosecution.

Well, it's all about politics, definitely, however the Chief Minister emphasized that “the Constitution of the BVI is much more than a framework of laws. It is the most basic expression of identity”. A new constitution will be the highest authority for everybody in the BVI and the history of the islands has already proved the fact that constitutional advancement is connected with BVI economic growth.

Let's hope the BVI gets some greatly needed improvements to its Constitution. And, hopefully, improvements will have a positive effect to BVI economy – offshore and banking sector with IBC incorporation, asset protection, offshore trust and banking services includingly.

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