Monday, March 06, 2006

H. Lavity Stoutt's Birthday and 2 earthquakes in the BVI

The 6th of March, which is today, is the day to remember and honour Hamilton Lavity Stoutt, the BVI Territory’s first Chief Minister. H. Lavity Stoutt’s has made immeasurable contributions to the BVI, and is often called the “father” of the modern British Virgin Islands.

Today is the 77th anniversary of H. Lavity Stoutt’s birth.

The 6th of March is a national holiday in the BVI, accordingly, you hardly can do any business here today. Of course, it will not prevent you from making a wire transfer from your offshore bank account by using the Internet banking or conclude some contract with your BVI IBC, however it would be nice at least to remember about this great person and be thankful to the creator of the BVI – the one which it is like nowadays.

H. Lavity Stoutt born to Isaiah and Idalia Stoutt of Long Bay was the eighth child in their family. He attended primary school at the West End Methodist Church. Then he successfully studied at the new, BVI Secondary School.

Luckily, 2 recent earthquakes did not disturb the holiday. No serious damage has been reported in the BVI. As you may know moderate earthquakes measuring a magnitude of 5.3 and 4.4 on the Richter scale were felt in the British Virgin Islands on the 3rd of March, 2006.

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