Thursday, October 15, 2015

British Overseas Territories are Offered to Have Representation in UK Parliament

The UK Parliament MP from Conservatives, chairing the Parliamentary British Overseas Territories Committee, has said that the overseas territories should be represented in the UK Parliament, based on the fact that some UK territories including Scotland have less autonomy but have their representation in Westminster. He also stated that the French, Dutch, and Danish overseas territories had elected representation in the national parliaments. He said that it is worth to consider allowing British Overseas Territories and crown dependency members in the House of Lords.

British MP was speaking on the fringe meeting that was hosted by the Friends of the British Overseas Territories, meant to bring together all the 16 of them. Overseas territories have mixed opinions about full Westminster representation, but, by his words, at last the discussion was initiated on the issue.

Regarding the future referendum on the EU membership, he said that it will definitely have an impact on the UK territories, as many of them have their business in the European Union.

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