Monday, September 14, 2015

Final Report Issued by Observer Mission on BVI 2015 General Election

Final report was issued on the 2015 general election held in the BVI in June, including an overview of the election observer mission, advance polling day, elections day, counting of votes, complaints and appeals, and participation of women and young people in the elections. The report, published by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association British Islands and Mediterranean Region, also observes the legal framework of the British Virgin Islands, election administration in the territory, candidate and voter registration, the campaign and the media, and ends with the list of eight recommendations.

The election observer mission recommended the introduction of fixed-term parliaments, and the code of conduct to be signed by candidates. It also offered to create a permanent independent Elections Commission which would provide democratic oversight of the Office of the Supervisor of Elections. Some recommendations related to the BVI legal framework, offering to consolidate various legal acts into a single piece of legislation, and to amend it to include the establishment, registration and regulation of political parties. The mission also provided recommendations on the introduction of finance regulations, on party and candidate advertising, voting process, the closing of the polls and the counting of votes.

Head of the mission stated that the BVI 2015 general election was genuine, vibrant and competitive, “providing the voters an opportunity to cast their votes in secret and express their will in a transparent, peaceful and orderly manner.”

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