Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Positive Effects of Telecoms Liberalization in the British Virgin Islands: Cable & Wireless Lowers its Rates

Cable & Wireless, one of the leading full service telecommunications providers in the Caribbean, announced that it introduces the new Home Plus calling plans and a 25 per cent rate reduction to call mobile numbers from C&W fixed lines in the British Virgin Islands.

Home Plus is a new fixed line calling plan for residential customers, which will be available from 1st February 2008. Home Plus will be added to an existing Home Plan, and will include calls to mobile numbers, in addition to any local Cable & Wireless number, for just $5.00 more per month. Each Home Plus plan has a new one-year contract term.

Home Plus calling and new fixed line rates offer also other benefits and great savings, including:

  • Bundled free minutes for all calls made to any local mobile number in the British Virgin Islands;
  • 75% decrease in fixed line call rates to mobile calls outside of the bundled free minutes;
  • Customers can get unlimited calls to any local Cable & Wireless number, including mobile numbers, for only $5 more each month for the Home Unlimited plan;
  • Wider calling area that includes calls to mobile phone, NetSpeak, and more than 10,000 fixed lines, with no connection fee or migration fee to add Home Plus calling.

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