Monday, January 14, 2008

Governor's New Initiative on Public Service Reform

In the beginning of January, the Governor of the British Virgin Islands David Pearey has announced the renewed focus on the reform of BVI's Public Service. The Public Sector Development programme had been started in 1999-2005, when service charters were developed and Public Service Week was initiated. Current initiative was welcomed by Honourable Premier Ralph T. O'Neal.

On January 8, the Governor issued a circular addressed to all public officers, where he said that the main focus areas of the new reform programme are service delivery, financial and human resources management, and strategic planning. Each of these areas is linked to the others, but launched by a different agency. According to David Pearey, the results of the reform programme should be:

  • improved implementation of Government policies;
  • more efficient use of public resources;
  • increased satisfaction on the part of the general public in their dealings with Government agencies;
  • finally, more job satisfaction for public officers.
Reform programme will be activated within each Ministry. The reform in service delivery, including the re-launch of service charters and measures is led by the Deputy Governor's Office. The financial management reform, led by the Ministry of Finance, includes introduction of output budgeting, accrual accounting and decentralization of financial authorities to managers. The strategic planning reform will be launched by Office of Honourable Ralph O'Neal; the Premier will ensure that the budget process provides for delivery of services and goods in line with the Government's strategic objectives. Human Resources Department will be responsible for human resources reform, which will include the implementation of devolution, bringing into force of revised General Orders and Public Service Regulations and other initiatives such as performance pay, enhanced performance management and strategic succession planning. By words of the Governor, every public servant will play certain role in ensuring the reform results.

The Cabinet approved the reform programme on October 25, 2007.

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