Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cable & Wireless Provides Broadband Upgrade in the Region

The leading full-service telecommunications provider in the Caribbean Cable & Wireless Ltd., which was recently involved in the legal dispute with Digicel in the British Virgin Islands, announced in the beginning of September the providing of major speed and value upgrades to its broadband customers in the Caribbean region. Chris Hetherington, Chief Executive Officer of Cable & Wireless Americas & Caribbean, informed that this launch is the result of a US$140 million investment in Cable & Wireless' Next Generation Network for the Americas & Caribbean region. The purpose of this three-year investment were physical and operational infrastructure improvements.

Cable & Wireless offers various plans for each specific group of customers, so people can choose the plan based on their needs. In addition to this launch of upgraded broadband services, this August launch signifies a shift to the name Cable & Wireless Broadband for all Broadband services across the region. According to Mr. George Lewis, VP Networks, the shift from XNet in some countries in the region to Cable & Wireless Broadband will take place over the next few months. In the British Virgin Islands, Cable & Wireless has always carried the Cable & Wireless Broadband branding.

Mr. Vance Lewis, Chief Executive of Cable & Wireless, has commented, “Now the starting level, minimum standard for Cable & Wireless Broadband customers in the BVI and across the Caribbean, is speed of up to 1 MEG – for the same low prices they paid before.”

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