Thursday, September 06, 2007

Opposition Leader Makes a Statement

There is some short period that passed after the general elections in the British Virgin Islands, and the National Democratic Party that was ruling party for the last 4 years became an opposition. Now we can say that the NDP and its leader Orlando Smith have granted some kind of rest to the party that won victory in the elections. However, already from this week the NDP has started to perform the functions of opposition. On September 5, 2007, the leader of NDP Orlando Smith has published announcement addressed to BVI community, where he stated that some of the promises made to the people of the territory were not fulfilled.

Among these promises there are the proposal of the Minister of Education concerning free books and free lunches in BVI schools. Mr. Smith noticed that during that time Minister of Education reviewed the proposal given earlier, by implementing more stringent guide lines for accessing the school book program.

Also, Orlando Smith denied the fact he was party to a discussion and agreement with the Metodist Church. Speaking about economy, he said he never informed about BVI experiencing excellent growth of its economy, with a 11% record last year; he also denied some other statements made by some international publications and organizations.

Here is the full version of the statement by leader of the opposition, Orlando Smith.

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