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Monday, November 12, 2007

BVI IFC Hosts Roadshow in London

This month, the BVI International Finance Centre hosted a roadshow in the city of London to demonstrate its commitment to what is widely recognised as the world's financial capital. The BVI IFC has informed about its plans to visit London, Dubai and Qatar and some regions of Asia, in February 2007, when CEO of BVI IFC Mr.Humphry Leue reported about selecting the roadshow destinations and other marketing initiatives in 2007.

Hosting roadshows in different parts of the world is one of the ways how the BVI territory is popularized by the BVI IFC, and the Financial Services Commission. The event in London that lasted for three days, followed the London Presentation organized by the BVI International Finance Centre in October; this time, it included a series of business development meetings with senior figures at London's leading private banks and law firms. Also, the BVI side organized evening receptions during which more than a hundred delegates were briefly informed on the new developments and opportunities in the BVI's Trust and Corporate business sectors.

Delegates were addressed by the Deputy Premier of the BVI, The Hon. Dancia Penn OBE, the Executive Director of the BVI International Finance Centre Lorna Smith, and the Deputy Managing Director of Regulation at the Financial Services Commission, Kenneth Baker. Some of the BVI's leading financial services practitioners also made their presentations. On the whole, the roadshow delegates were provided with an update on the regulatory environment, legislation, and current trends in trust and corporate business.

Sherri Ortiz, Chief Operating Operator of the BVI IFC, has concluded, - "We were pleased that the Roadshow attracted such interest and delegate feedback suggests that the bond between the BVI and the London financial community will continue to strengthen in the months and years ahead."

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