Thursday, May 24, 2007

Statistics of Chinese Government: Growth of Investments from BVI

On May 11, 2007 the State Administration of Industry and Commerce of China named the sources of foreign investment in country's economy. British Virgin Islands leads the 4 major offshore finance centers investing in China. Other 3 are Cayman Islands, Samoa and Mauritius. About 13,000 investors from BVI have invested in China, that is 31.9% more than last year and a faster growth than in US, Japan and Taiwan.

According to the information regularly provided by the government of China, BVI usually takes the second place in the Chinese FDI Sources list, the first one being Hong Kong. The last statement confirming traditional ratings of the British Virgin Islands was released by the Ministry of Commerce a month ago. Just in January 2007, BVI companies invested more than 1 billion USD in the Chinese economy.

Japan is the third traditional investor in China. According to the new statistics, currently there are about 199,000 other Asian countries' enterprises registered in China, a 4.5% growth compared with last year; these investors take up 72.5% of all the foreign enterprises registered in China.

In the first months of 2007, the main sources of foreign investment in China have been extended to Africa and Latin America.

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