Thursday, May 10, 2007

CCT to Ask Compensation from the BVI Government

In the end of April BVI government has approved the telecommunications liberalisation policy that ended CCT's long-held monopoly, by allowing all the three currently licensed public suppliers to submit applications for licensing.

Last week CCT Global Communications filed for compensation from the government
in connection with this decision, under the Telecommunications Act, 2006, which includes the following clause: “Where prior to the coming into force of this Act, a person who was licensed under the Telecommunications Act to provide a public telecommunications network or public telecommunications service loses any existing right pursuant to such licence and such loss results in any pecuniary or other quantifiable disadvantage, the person shall be entitled to seek compensation for such loss."

Government's decision taken in the terms of policy of liberalisation and restructuring of the telecommunications industry in the BVI territory, allowed Cable & Wireless and BVI Cable TV to compete in the wireless telephone services sector, along with CCT Global Communications.

According to the statement, BVI Minister of Communications and Works Elmore Stoutt is now in consultation over the issue with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.

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