Wednesday, February 21, 2007

British Virgin Islands companies invested more than 1 billion USD in China last month

Just in January 2007, BVI companies have invested 1.02 billion USD in China. The amount of investments allowed BVI to remain the second in the list of countries investing in rapidly growing economy of China. Actually, when the matter concerns Foreign Direct Investments, China is one of the leading countries by the stable growth of Inward FDI, while BVI is one of the leaders by the growth of Outward FDI. Inward FDI in China is growing already for the 7th consecutive year since 1999. Outward FDI from BVI is growing each year since 1990.

It is important to note that in 2006, China attracted the largest amount of foreign direct investments among all developing countries worldwide, and, according to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTD) statistics, it has the high 4th total ranking – just behind USA, UK and France. It was achieved in a year when worldwide foreign direct investment totaled 1.2 trillion US dollars, the highest record since year 2000. When analyzing the outward Foreign Direct Investment flows, British Virgin Islands in the previous year was the 16th in the world, behind only such mega economies like USA, UK, Germany, France, China, Canada, Switzerland, Japan.

The leader of the top 10 countries that invested in China in January 2007 was Hong Kong,with 1.677 billion USD. The second investor is British Virgin Islands, with 1.019 billion USD of investments. Next regions in the top list are South Korea (396 million USD), Japan (323 million USD), Singapore (246 million USD) U.S. (236 million USD), Mauritius (191 million USD), Taiwan (136 million USD), Cayman islands (134 million USD), and Samoa (117 million USD). These ten countries accounted for 86.62% of China’s total actual foreign investment.

In January 2007, 3370 new enterprises were established in China, which were directly invested by foreign investors. This is a 10,71% increase if compared to January 2006. Foreign capital consumption in China reached 5.175 billion USD, - the 13.86% increase over January 2006.

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