Thursday, March 01, 2007

Three Ministers being on the Constitutional Negotiations in UK , BVI Governor Appoints Acting Minister

David Pearey, Governor of the British Virgin Islands, acting on the advice of the Chief Minister, Dr Orlando Smith, has appointed Delores Christopher as Minister for Natural Resources and Labour for the period from February 23 to March 4. Before taking this position, Delores Christopher was a back-bencher. The appointment of Eileene Parsons as Minister for Natural Resources and Labour for this period was revoked, because of her being overseas due to ill health.

The appointment became necessary because of the absence from the Territory of three government ministers at the same time. Another two ministers, - the Chief Minister Dr Smith and Deputy Chief Minister Ronnie Skelton, - are in Great Britain, on the constitutional negotiations with the UK Government. Dr Smith is the leader of a local constitutional negotiation team to London to be involved in the last round of discussions with the British Government, which started after the familiarisation visit of the UK Parliament member to the British Virgin Islands. The team also includes the Deputy Chief Minister, a back bencher, the Attorney General and other members of the private sector. During Dr Smith's absence from the Territory, he will be substituted by Minister for Education and Culture Lloyd Black.

The announcement of Delores Christopher to act as Minister of Natural Resources and Labour came just a few hours after the BVI News carried a story that Acting Chief Minister Lloyd Black continued to answer for four Ministries, including his substantive post. The posts that remained in the responsibility of Lloyd Black include that of the Chief Minister, the Deputy Chief Minister and the Ministry of Natural Resources. The BVI constitution says no business shall be transacted at any meeting of the council, if there are less than three members present, besides the Governor or other person presiding.

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