Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Governor says farewell to BVI

It’s time for Governor change on the British Virgin Islands.

Thomas Macan has been the Governor of the British Virgin Islands offshore jurisdiction for three-and-a-half years. He spent his last day on this job Thursday, April 6, 2006, and left the territory of the British Virgin Islands on April 10. His succeedor David Pearey will be sworn as the BVI Governor on April 18.

The last remarks of Governor Macan were about rapid development of relationship between the BVI and the United Kingdom. His comments are connected with the first round of constitutional negotiations that were held between the UK and BVI offshore jurisdiction in Road Town a month ago.

The speech of Governor Macan at a farewell reception hosted by Chief Minister included the following words: "So long as the BVI wishes those bonds [between the BVI and the UK] to continue, both Governments have to agree on how the shared responsibilities between them are dealt with. Either side may propose change: both must agree it. Both must be comfortable with the consequences; neither must feel either threatened by or at risk from them".

Also, in his speech Mr. Macan touched upon the powers of BVI Governor. He said that it has been a great prvilege for him to perform the functions of the Governor of the British Virgin Islands. Mr.Macan noticed that the governor is inevitably going to be at the centre of the relationship between the United Kingdom and British Virgin Islands and, consequently, should have enough powers to successfully work with both Governments.

Some words about Governor’s institution on the BVI. As you may know the executive authority in British Virgin Islands belongs to the Queen. The Governor of the British Virgin Islands is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the British Government and excercises this power on her behalf. Still, the United Kingdom is responsible for the Defence and Foreign Affairs of British Virgin Islands. The BVI Governor represents the British monarchy in the United Kingdom's overseas territory of British Virgin Islands. The Governor of British Virgin Islands is responsible for appointing the Chief Minister and the Executive Council in BVI, and de facto he acts as the head of state.

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