Monday, September 30, 2013

BVI FSC Issued Guidelines for Authorised Representatives under SIBA Act

Last week, BVI FSC published a document named ‘Guidelines for Authorised Representatives Under the Securities and Investment Business Act (September 2013)’, where provided information and guidelines about functions of Authorised Representatives, their qualifying procedure, reporting requirements, and other issues. The document, published on the home page of the Commission, was approved by the Board of Commissioners on 27 August, and issued by the FSC on 10 September, 2013.

In accordance with the Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010 (“SIBA”), every licensee and public, private, professional or recognized foreign fund is required to appoint an Authorised Representative, who will act as the main intermediary between the licensee or fund and the BVI FSC. The issued Guidelines define the procedures and the proper criteria for qualifying to act as an Authorised Representative, how an application to act as an Authorised Representative must be made, and submitted to the Commission. They also inform about the beneficial ownership structure of an Authorised Representative to be certified and properly supervised by the Commission. 

It is provided by the Guidelines that a person certified as an Authorised Representative must be independent, meaning, for example, that it may not carry out any other services except for those associated with the provision of services as an Authorised Representative. Also, an Authorised Representative must be based in the British Virgin Islands, and everyday functions of the Authorised Representative must be carried out by individuals resident in the Territory.

The Guidelines state the functions and responsibilities of an Authorised Representative, as outlined in SIBA, human resource requirements, and those concerning general reporting and financial statements.

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