Tuesday, February 03, 2009

First Ombudsman Appointed by the British Virgin Islands

During a ceremony which was attended by the Governor of the British Virgin Islands David Pearey and Premier Ralph O'Neal, Elton Georges was appointed as the first Complaints Commissioner for the territory known as Ombudsman. Prior to this appointment, Elton Georges served as Deputy Governor for two decades, being the right person for the job because of his qualifications, ability, experience and knowledge. Elton Georges was praised both by the Premier and the Governor, Ralph O'Neal also spoke of Georges' outstanding contribution to the territory, and also noted that he won the first scholarship in the territory to study in Canada.

The functions of the Complaints Commissioner are considering and responding to complaints relating to maladministration, appointment of mediators where necessary to help resolve disputes, promoting public awareness, investigating complaints, and protect people's interest among other functions. The BVI Governor said that the appointment of the Complaint Commissioner will raise the standards of governance, administration and service of the territory.

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