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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Brand New BVI Website Launched by Digicel

Digicel, which officially started operations in the British Virgin Islands two weeks ago, now has announced the launch of its brand new website.

On the website, which adopts the new format across all of company's other markets in the region, Digicel will feature a host of information and offer full range of services to its customers and other interested persons. The address of the website is

Alan Bates, CEO of Digicel BVI Ltd, noted that the innovative service presented by Digicel to its customers and the BVI public, is easy to use, accessible and quick. He also invited everyone to take a look at the site, explore the Digicel offers and learn more about the company.

Digicel purchased license to the BVI operations a year ago. Having invested over US$17 million in the BVI, the company has promoted strong competition into the telecommunications market in the territory, and was the first to bring the whole range of innovative products and services to the British Virgin Islands.

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