Saturday, October 18, 2014

BVI recognized as Major Offshore Centre in International Reports

The British Virgin Islands jurisdiction has been named the top offshore centre in the Global Financial Centres Index – the 16th survey of more than 3,500 international financial services professionals. Also, already for the fifth year, BVI became the most important offshore jurisdiction according to the Offshore 2020 report, which is a survey of 300 senior financial industry stakeholders from many countries. The BVI was ranked in the 47th place – the highest among offshore centres. Gibraltar is in the 53rd place, Cayman Islands and Bermuda are 54th and 58th, respectively.

The fifth Offshore 2020 report stated that offshore industry has emerged during this year, featuring better regulation, more transparency and higher degree of professionalism. It was noted in the report also that offshore centres continue to struggle with reputation and regulation, and for all of them, ratings lowered since the last Global Financial Centre Index 15. The report also highlights recognition of the offshore industry role in the global financial supply chain, including international trade, capital efficiency and asset management.