Thursday, February 06, 2014

BVI Ranked Fourth in UN Top List of Countries for Foreign Direct Investments

According to the survey conducted by the United Nations, the British Virgin Islands has been at the top of countries for foreign direct investments in the past five years. Last year, it received US$92 billion of foreign investment – more than the growing economies of Brazil and India together, with US$63 billion and US$28 billion respectively. Thus, the BVI became the fourth biggest investment destination in the world, in this ranking it follows the United States with US$159 billion, China with US$127 billion, and Russia, with just US$2 billion more than the British Virgin Islands.

The annual inflow of foreign investment of the jurisdiction in 2013 was 40% higher than last year, and continues a trend that took off after the economic crisis. However, governments are trying to tighten up their tax regulatory framework both at the national and international level. 

While for most countries, foreign direct investment consists of companies spending on corporate acquisitions and new overseas projects, for the BVI jurisdiction most of investment money goes quickly in and out of the country or cash moved through the treasury accounts of large companies, which UNCTAD defines as "transnational corporations".

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