Friday, May 17, 2013

Premier Smith Hosting Chairman of OCTA Organisation

The chairman of the Overseas Countries and Territories Association and president of the Territorial Council of St Pierre and Miquelon Stéphane Artano visited the territory of the British Virgin Islands, as part of the regional familiarisation mission to the Caribbean countries as the OCTA chairman. This visit to the BVI will help to enhance its relationship with the overseas countries and territories of the European Union (OCT-EU).

Premier of the British Virgin Islands Dr Orlando Smith, who hosted OCTA chairman, will assume the chairmanship of OCTA in December 2013. During his visit to the BVI, Artano had the purpose to personally familiarise himself with the BVI, as well as to inform Smith of his green growth agenda for the OCTs. Also, the director of the International Affairs Secretariat, Sylvia Moses, informed that “the OCTA chairman would like to discuss Premier Smith’s views on the revision of the Overseas Association Decision (OAD) and its programming regulations; the OCT regional funding envelope; and regional programming under the 11th European Development Fund.” 

According to Sylvia Moses, the talks between the premier of the BVI and OCTA chairman were to focus on innovation in economic and environmental policies for all overseas territories. Moses said that Artano will address common issues and interests among OCTs, including tourism, fisheries and the internet communications.

The British Virgin Islands is vice president of OCTA organisation, as well as the co-chair of the OCTA/EU Financial Services Partnership Working Party that brings together technical experts from the EU and OCTs to discuss financial services related matters.

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