Tuesday, March 20, 2012

UK Receives Feedback on BVI and Other Overseas Territories

The UK government received feedback as part of its consultation on the review of its relationship with country's overseas territories, including BVI and other Caribbean territories. It was stated that the government should support its Overseas Territories to develop sustainable economic models, and provide assistance to ensure good governance by local governments.

One of the most often named challenges that interfere with economic development in the British Overseas Territories was the need for the diversification of jurisdictions' economies. Economic diversification was raised by various respondents to the consultation.

According to the official submission of the Premier of the British Virgin Islands, the contraction of tourism and financial services has had “multiplier effects across all sectors of the society”. This issue was also raised in the official response by the government of the Cayman Islands.

The respondents also said that transparency, poor planning and corruption were the most prominent issues in relation to good governance and stated that the UK could assist with solving these problems by providing audits and advice to local authorities. This issue was raised by residents of the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and Montserrat.

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