Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BVI Government Ministers to be Questioned by Opposition

Tomorrow, Opposition leader Dr. Orlando Smith will have a talk with BVI Government Ministers on several issues of BVI economy. He will ask the Premier Hon. Ralph T. O´Neal who is also responsible for tourism on the status of the BVI Tourist Board – on the appointment of a Chairman for the board, when would the board have sufficient members in place to carry out its business, and how decisions are being made. Mr. Smith will also ask the Premier some questions on the resignation of the Director of the London Tourism Office.

Other Ministers to be questioned by the Opposition are Minister for Health and Social Development, Ministers for Communications and Works, Education and Culture, Natural Resources and Labour.

At the sitting of the House of Assembly, Premier Hon. Ralph T. O´Neal will propose the Supplementary Appropriation (2006) Act, 2010, Banks and Trust Companies (Amendment) Act, 2010 and Company Management (Amendment) Act, 2010 Bills.

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