Friday, May 29, 2009

BVI Premier Ralph O'Neal speaks on the BVI role in the OECS

During the opening ceremony of the 49th meeting of the OECS, BVI Premier Ralph O'Neal made a presentation where he spoke about the organisation as one of the ways to establish “strong and durable regional affiliations”. He said also that he was pleased with the operations of the OECS which made the great job to raise the profile of the organisation as an effective functional institution.

Premier Ralph O'Neal said that BVI has been playing a very important role in the OECS, and referred to the Commercial Division of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court headquartered in Tortola, and to the fact that the territory has committed US$3.76 million to the Commercial Court project. He said that BVI is pleased to be part of the restructuring of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, which will deal with major commercial cases, and that a Halls of Justice will be located in Tortola.

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