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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PRC Remains Most Attractive Destination of FDI, BVI Ranks 2nd Among FDI sources

The Ministry of Commerce of China published figures for actual FDI inflows into the country's economy, totaling $42.78 billion from January to May 2008 – this is a 54.97% increase from the previous year. Only in May, FDI stood at $7.76 billion, that is 37.94 % higher than in the previous year.

According to the information published by the Ministry of Commerce, about 11,915 new overseas-funded enterprises were established in the first five months of this year, that is down 20.95% from the previous year, and in May there were 2,425 new enterprises – down 10.94%.

The top three leading countries in the five months of the year 2008 by the amount of FDI are the same as in the statistical bulletin for the first quarter of the year 2008 – Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands (in the second place), and Singapore.

By the results of this statistical bulletin, as well as according to the Ernst & Young latest survey among business leaders, China is still in the first place among the countries most attractive for foreign direct investments. This survey reflected more equal distribution of global investments across the world, and 41% of respondents still ranked China as the most attractive investment destination, followed by India and Russia. However, China still draws less than 8% of global volume of FDI inflows, according to the information published by the United Nations Commission for Trade and Development.

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