Friday, October 20, 2006

BVI Government Warns the Publics on Royal Dominion

The BVI FSC has published the press release of the BVI Government regarding Royal Dominion. The statement was issued on 16 October, 2006 and its posting on the official website of BVI FSC has the similar purpose as issuing Advisory Warnings, which would protect the publics from misunderstanding or even scams.

It is stated in this release that the attention of the BVI Government was attracted by the website, offering “honorary knighthoods” to the purchasers and pretending that those sales are sanctioned by the Government of the British Virgin Islands. In its turn, the Government considered it necessary to inform the publics that it has no association with Royal Dominion, nor it has empowered the proprietor of the site to sell this or any other kind of good or service.

The disclaimer that appears at the bottom of the site and acknowledges that there is no affiliation of Royal Dominion to the BVI Government is also mentioned in the statement. However, it is noted that the presence of the disclaimer does not materially alter the whole case of a clear effort to create a false impression.

The Attorney General of the BVI is going to start an investigation on this matter, and the consumers are warned about using this site and divulging any personal information.

There could be some kind of misspelling, as regards the website address named in the statement: it is mentioned as, since the right address of the dubious site would be

When visiting the site, to obtain our own point of view on this case, we could really see there not only BVI flag and BVI seal, but also pictures of Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Excellency Mr David Peary Governor of the British Virgin Islands. Along with using the symbols of the country, the site's main offer is to purchase the Honorary Knighthood. The website states that the Royal Dominion has offered Knighthood Causa Honoris to the public for more than a decade, with more than 200,000 recipients of the award from around the world in more than 200 countries. The honorary knighthood is positioned as “a prestigious and extraordinary award that is affordable for any budget”. The site also states that the honorary knighthood you will purchase will be published and recorded annually in book form in the United Kingdom Patent Office.

Such a “knighthood” is offered for as less as GBP 25 and also a small picture of the Certificate with BVI seal is published.

Taking in mind that Government of BVI has published this statement, the way how the information is posted on the site royaldominion .vg very much resembles an unfair advertisement or even a scam.

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