Monday, May 01, 2006

BVI Music Festival – economic boost

The 2006 BVI Music Festival takes place in the BVI on the beach in Cane Garden Bay May 26 – 28.

Music of different genres, beach games, food and drinks, beauty of Cane Garden Bay… The BVI Music Festival is "where the sound of music meets the sounds of Nature". The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board is optimistic about the profits it's about to bring to the offshore country.

Manager of Events Marketing and the BVI Film Commission Rhodni Skelton recently expressed his excitement about this music festival. He said that all the Commission is excited because it leads to fully packed hotel rooms, fully booked restaurants and empty garages of car rental companies.

As to the performers – these are rhythm and blues artist Roberta Flack and reggae singers Buju Banton and Luciano. Skelton said that with such big names this will be probably the biggest music festival the BVI have had.

The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board is collaborating with the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, the Solid Waste Department, Her Majesty’s Customs as well as the BVI Immigration Department to have everything coordinated, organized and fixed. Accordingly, both local and coming visitors are provided with a safe and enjoyable music festival. Also, the board is promoting the event overseas through its satellite offices.

Skelton said that, as the BVI Music Festival is growing, it requires more support by the public and private sectors.

The British Virgin Islands Music Festival is annual event started in 2000.

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