Thursday, March 30, 2006

Offshore Corporate Administration – courses

Registration for the courses of the programme for offshore corporate administration that will be launched on the 4th of April will run through the 12th of April. Lectures will start on the 18th of April.Each course will consist of 10-12 one-and-a-half hour lectures a week. Twice a year, examinations will be held - in February and July. The cost of each course will be about $100, payable to the college on registration.

The other two courses are planned to be offered in autumn 2006. These will be on accounting fundamentals and investment. The courses will be required in order to complete the ICSA certificate level.

As to the advanced ICSA diploma and professional level courses, they will be offered through the programme as well - in the near future.

Offshore Corporate Administration like any other education programme is a good method of improving the total quality of services in every offshore jurisdiction. Taking into account that the British Virgin Islands are already offering high standards of offshore financial services, their efforts to raise the efficiency of services prove once again how seriously they treat their reputation of the leading offshore tax haven.

Also, the prices for the courses allow to suppose that the programme receives the support of the BVI government.

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